3D Printer Filament Maker

ExtrusionBot The Personal Filament Maker

No matter what kind of 3D printer you own, you will need filament…
The Extrusionbot will:
A spool of filament can cost $40/kg or more. The Extrusionbot can make the same spool for a few dollars in pellets!
Never run out of filament again. With the Extrusionbot you can produce as much fillament in any diameter you want.

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Product Features

  • Make your own filament for pennies..
  • Worlds fastest filament extruder. Make color filament.
  • Works with all 3d printers
  • Makes ABS and PLA in 1.75 and 3mm.
  • The ExtrusionBot filament making machine, is the world’s fastest home built automatic filament extruder available on the market today. Capable of producing +/- three feet of colored filament per minute, providing top quality filament for all of your project needs. Our company offers fast service and speed, as well as superior customer service, ensuring fast delivery for every project. We are proud be able to ship your ExtrusionBot personal filament maker to you anywhere in the world. Get your ExtrusionBot today! Visit our Store for pellets, accessories and add-on components. Start making 3-D printing faster and more affordable!

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