3D Printing Pen, QPAU Intelligent 3D Pen 3D Pencil with OLED Display Include Safety Pen Holder and 2 Free 1.75 mm Filament Refills for Creating Children’s Imagination and Practical Ability Black

Try this 3D printing pen to make your imagination become reality. Good gift for children to make art with it
Its user-friendly design make it easier to function. Handy feeding button(backward button) can be used to turn it on or off at any time. Automatically enter sleep mode and stop heating after 1 minutes if there is no activity.

Power input: 100-240v 2A
Power output: DC 12V/2A 24W
Compatible filaments: 1.75mm PLA/ABS
Recommended heat for filaments:

Package included:
1*3D Pen
1*AC/DC adapter
1*pen holder
1*user manual
2*1.75mm filament(random colors)

Safety and Warning Instruction:
1. This 3d printing pen is suitable for children over 8 years old and adults use. Children should use it with adult supervision.
2. The 3D pen nib and the near area are in high temperature. DO NOT touch the nozzle with hands or DO NOT use the nib to touch others when it’s working.
3. DO NOT touch the nozzle before the 3D printing pen cooling.
4. Keep at safety place after using to prevent from high falling or children touching
5. Keep it away from water when it is working.

Product Features

  • 1. Novel 3D printing pen, ketch, print & doodle amazing three-dimensional masterpieces with your childs. Suitable for kids and adults, great tools for teaching and learning.
  • 2. PLA/ABS filament mode, this 3D printing pen is capable of using 1.75mm PLA and ABS filaments, kit includes 2pack of PLA/ABS plastic filament.
  • 3. Adjustable feed lets you regulate speed & flow for optimal control of material while you’re drawing with our 3D printing pen.
  • 4. Temperature is adjustable in one button indegree increments from 130 to 210 C, for optimal fine-tuning.
  • 5. Enjoy Large OLED display lets you monitor temperature of material to help you achieve a wide variety of effects.

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  1. Awesome 3D pen! This pen is really good, simple to use, and efficient!I got this pen in order to make some 3D letters to put anywhere around the office. It’s fun to use and does a great job, but I have to admit it’s much more complicated to use than what I was expecting! You can try to design something from scratch, in 3D, but it’s much easier to do it flat on a piece of paper then connect the pieces together. You can find a lot of good tutorials online on how to do it, and yes, they will be…

  2. Great 3D Pen for quick art projects This is a cool product. I initially purchased it on a whim, thinking that it would be fun to see how it worked and what kind of things it could do. Unfortunately, I am a pretty horrible artist so for the first project I asked a much more creative relative for help.The pen was easy to use. I could understand most of the instructions – not all, but enough of the instructions to use and manipulate the two widths of plastic. The pen comes with two types of plastic, each a different…

  3. Limitless creations! I have never tried a 3D pen before and I wanted to create something with my own design. So, I decided to purchase a 3D pen and I wanted to try it out.It comes with a very compact packaging. It contains – 3D pen, Pen holder, User manual, power adapter, 1 PLA and 1 ABS plastic filaments.BuildThe whole pen is made of matte black plastic which I really like it. The design is ergonomic which fit easily to my hand. There is a OLED display on front which will indicate the…

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