SKYWALKER Reprap 3D Printer, DIY 3D Printer Kits,Prusa I3 Kit,1Rolls PLA As Gift ,Support ABS,PLA,HIPS,PETG ect

Welcome to SKYWALKER 3D World Our 3D Printer and 3D Filament try to help you to print your imagination into touchable rewarding reality.

Color: Black

Frame Material:Acrylic
Machine Size:500*400*420mm
Build Volume:210*210*210mm
Feature: LCD Screen+Single extruder+Heatbed
Printing Speed: 40-120mm/s
Layer Thickness:0.1-0.0.3mm
Install time:1-3Hours (With detailed instruction manual in SD Card
Supported Filament: 1.75mm PLA,ABS, HIPS,WOOD PLA,Metal PLA,Carbon fiber,Multicolor PLA ,PETG,FLEXIBLE,ect.
Extruder Temperature: 230℃
Technology: FDM
Connection: SD Card
Working System:Windows Linux,OSX,MAC
Software: Cura
Packing:Well packed in box

Note: Prusa I3 is DIY Self-assembly Type. All necessary tools and parts ,Detailed instructions,Software will come together with package .
Regardless if a newbie or an advanced user of 3D printers,this 3D printer is easy to setup and use.

It can be used for personal use, business use or even for educational use. Create some really unique 3D designs.

For added convenience, we do have customer service available for any questions before or after your purchase.

Product Features

  • DIY Self-assembly Type ,you will learn more during building the 3D printer
  • Interesting solution with cheap price for entry-level to Touch 3D Printing Technology
  • Easy to install and operate, install time about 1-3 Hours (Detailed Manual and Software come inside SD Card),Send 1 Rolls 1.75mm PLA as gift (250g/Roll)
  • Firm printing structure ,ensure stable and stable 3D model
  • Wth Heatbed ,Support Many 3D Filaments Like 1.75mm PLA,ABS,HIPS,WOOD PLA,Multicolor PLA,Flexible Filament ect

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