200mm Diameter Circular 12V Silicone Rubber Heater for 3D Printer Heated Beds


Requires 12v Power.

You are looking at the ultimate heating element for your 3D printer’s bed. This is a premium silicone rubber heater, normally used in industrial environments to heat large tanks of liquid. We had these custom made to be the fastest, most evenly heated elements available. They include a built in 100k thermistor for accurate readings with easy setup. They run off 24v power so no dangerous voltage and they CAN be run directly with some electronics (some electronics may require a relay due to the current draw). We have tested these with a Azteeg X1 and X3 from http://www.panucatt.com as well as the RAMPS 1.4 directly with no problems (YMMV). These heaters are flexible and WILL REQUIRE a flat build surface such as glass to mount to.

  • 200mm Diameter / 8″ Diameter
  • Durable Silicone Rubber Construction
  • Extremely Even Distribution of Heat
  • Industrial Duty Cycles For Long Life
  • Heats To 120 Degrees C in About ONE Minute (assuming adequate power supply)
  • Integrated 100k Thermistor For Accurate and Reliable Temperature Readings
  • Integrated Thermistor Beta Value 3950K
  • Thermistor Leads Are Insulated and Ready To Go
  • Draws Up to 12 Amps So Make Sure Your Power Supply Can Handle It…a 350W+ or Dedicated 12v Power Supply is Recommended

Product Features

  • Most Even Heating Even to the Edges of All Heater Types
  • Includes Integrated 100K Thermistor (Epcos #1 Table)
  • FLEXIBLE and Requires Build Surface (Basalt, Aluminum, Glass etc.)
  • Adhere with Silicone to Build Surface

Detailed Information available on our Homepage…

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