3D Drawing Pen, Tecboss 3D Printing Printer Pen Modeling Arts Crafts – One Button Operation No Burn No Toxic No Clog – (Pink

Tecboss 4th Generation TP-04 3D Printer Pen is exclusively designed to be kids friendly. This 3D doodle pen enables your creative kids to bring all of their wonderful and imaginative ideas to life. This 3D printing pen melts PLA filaments at low temperature, after being extruded from the nozzle, it instantly cools and solidify while you draw the object in your mind. 

This 3D model pen is featured with low temperature melting, which even allows you literally drawing in the palm. It grants no burn, no toxic, no clog; it is one button to operate; it is powered through 5V USB cable. 

For best performance, please use high quality PLA filaments. This pen supports PLA 1.75mm filaments. 

100% satisfaction guaranteed with hassle free 30 days money back, one year replacement warranty.

Package Includes:
3D Printer Pen
USB Charge Cable
USB Wall Adapter
Bonus PLA Filaments

Product Features

  • Solid built exclusively for kids: the 4th gen 3D drawing pen uses PLA materials, which melts at low temperature to avoid any burning risk;
  • Work with regular 5V USB charge cable, and you can even power the 3D printing pen using your power bank, and play outside or wherever you want;
  • Easy to operate with only one button to control; intelligent chip to control the temperature and extrusion speed. What is more, the 3D Printer Pen is only 1.73 OZ, which is more comfortable and flexible than other 3D pens;
  • Suit for PLA Filament: The 3D pen is suitable for 1.75mm PLA Filament. It is more eco-friendly than ABS Filament;
  • Package includes the 3D printer pen, USB wall charge adapter, USB charge cable, bonus PLA filament refills.

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3 thoughts on “3D Drawing Pen, Tecboss 3D Printing Printer Pen Modeling Arts Crafts – One Button Operation No Burn No Toxic No Clog – (Pink”

  1. When I first considered ordering this I felt that it would be laborious to handle and difficult to learn. That turned out to be not true at all. The instructions were reasonably easy to decipher. Basically, you plug it into your electrical source and click the button which activates a red LED light and wait for it to warm-up. The red LED will turn green when it is warm enough. Click the button again for the motor to activate and then insert one end of the filament into the filament port until…

  2. I’m not much of a drawer or artist in any way but I got this for my sisters to be able to play around with. Before they used it I tried making something with it (a sword and then the world’s worst batman cowl) and found using this pen to be easy, but making anything with it to be a challenge. Using it just requires a press of a button to start or stop the flow on PLA plastic which is easy enough but if you want to make anything it will take some trial and error and a few re-does before you get…

  3. I have to say this is a pretty cool toy. I am not an artist (you can tell from my pictures) but I didn’t purchase it for myself but for my daughter. She loves to draw and I thought this would be a cool, fun toy to play with over the summer. I tested it out just to make sure it worked well and that she would be able to handle it (6 yr old) and it worked great! There was a little bit of a learning curve with feeding in the plastic for the first time but once it was in the automatic feeder took…

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