CreoPop Rechargeable 3D Printer Pen w/ Regular Ink 3 Pack & Temperature Sensitive Ink 3-Pack Bundle

CreoPop lets you draw 3D objects with ease. Just press the button and the pen extrudes safe photopolymers to create any shapes you can imagine. Integrated LEDs can solidify the ink instantly or once you have completed a larger section completely free of heat or unpleasant smells. The CreoPop 3D printing pen is battery powered so you can freely move about your creations without a cable interfering with your creative process. And the battery charges with a mini-USB cable, you charging can be done virtually anywhere. CreoPop’s amazing selection of inks add even further levels of possibility with elastic, magnetic or even conductive inks that expand science class out of the classroom to glow-in-the-dark, glitter or glowing inks that simply add a fun element to your designs. The possibilities are endless.

Key Features
•Lets you draw 3D objects
•No hot parts
•No melting plastics
•No unpleasant smells
•Photopolymers solidify using built in LEDs
•USB Rechargeable battery 

Bundle Includes
•CreoPop Rechargeable 3D Printer Pen
•CreoPop Ink 3 Pack – Regular Purple, White & Yellow 
•CreoPop Ink 3 Pack Temp Sensitive Green-Yellow,Purple-Blue 
•CreoPop Ink 3 Pack Glittering Gold, Red, Silver 
•CreoPop Ink 3 Pack – Regular Black, Blue & Green
  •CreoPop Ink 3 Pack Regular – Green
  •CreoPop Ink 3 Pack Glow-in-the-Dark Cyan, Orange, Yellow
  •CreoPop Ink 3 Pack – Regular Cyan, Orange & Red
  •CreoPop Ink 3 Pack Regular – Brown
  •CreoPop Ink 3 Pack Temp Sensitive Green
  •CreoPop Ink 3 Pack Temp Sensitive Yellow, Purple-Red, Green
  •CreoPop Ink 3 Pack Temp Sensitive Brown
  •CreoPop Ink 3 Aroma Watermelon Red, Orange, Green Pine
  •CreoPop Ink 3 Pack Temp Sensitive Magenta, Rose, Orange-Yellow

Product Features

  • Lets you draw 3D objects
  • No hot parts
  • No melting plastics
  • No unpleasant smells
  • Photopolymers solidify using built in LEDs

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