Disney Dives Into The Age Of 3D Printing With Fabric Material: WATCH

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Disney 3D Printing (Photo : YouTube)

Not content on owning the world’s mightiest, Disney is now expanding into the growing trend of 3D printing with their own soft and fluffy touch.

The usual 3D printing uses plastic to create objects. A collaboration of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University and Disney itself developed a new method of 3D printing that produces objects using felt textile.

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Disney’s 3D printing technique begins by slicing the 3D model into several printable layers. The 3D printer then laser-cuts the adhesive fabric into shapes that correspond with the sliced layers, which is then transferred to the machine’s build platform. Heat is then applied to the adhesive fabric in order for it to stick all the shapes together, PC World reported.




The 3D printer circles the process again and again until it finishes printing the object by cutting, stacking and sticking. Disney’s 3D printing method is seen more of a laser cutter instead of an actual 3D printer, but the goal is pretty much the same.

Disney is still working on perfecting their 3D printing technology as it is still in its rough stage of development, but it still an impressive feat to achieve. However, there is still no announcement on whether the entertainment conglomerate is planning to take the technology to the consumer market, according to Slash Gear.

In addition, Disney’s 3D printed items do not exactly seem like they would be fitted for children. However, their 3D printing could help them in the development of their toy products, giving them mock-ups and prototype models.

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