First 3D Printing Competition Held During State SkillsUSA Championship

Robert C. Byrd Institute hosted the first ever 3-D Printing competition during the State SkillsUSA Championships on Saturday.

Prior to the competition, teams designed and developed plans for a bridge. The bridge was then created using a 3-D printer, and judged based off the initial design. During the competition teams had to modify their original design to make it a drawbridge instead. The participants used their knowledge in 3-D Printing, which is also called Additive Manufacturing, to quickly and efficiently modify their product.

The competition was held to enhance contestant’s knowledge about this fast-growing technology.

“When you draw it up, the 3-D printer, depending on which one you have, can actually pick up those fine details. Then you can do a cast molding of that and you can get different type of replicas, whether you want a harder plastic, steel, aluminum, you can do with the cast moldings. And it saves you a lot of time. You can do something in two days versus a week of machining,” said Jason Halstead, a student at Putnam County Career & Technical Center

The ending product was judged based on design, the team’s knowledge of 3-D printing, the materials needed, and the procedures that were used.

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