How Value Investing Into A new Technology Could Outperform The Stock Market: Book 2: How Nano-Technology, 3-D Printing and Internet Of Things Are Aligned

This text is a short version of the book: The Millionaire Investor: Better than gold, diamonds or real-estate: Graphene While that book features the whole story, gives valuable information and outlines the pros and cons of relevant companies in that technology area, this second excerpt gives a short overview on how the 2-D technology is related to 3D printing and internet of things (IoT). Who hasn’t heard about people who restlessly scan the market for stocks that perform extraordinarily? One of the companies that has skyrocketed in the past years is Microsoft. Whatever you’d invested in the 1980s – you became rich within 15 years. In this book, I want to show that a similar scenario is possible. One can become rich by investing in the right stocks. But, not by tricks, cheats or any other miraculous recipe. No. Just by observing the dramatic changes in an area of technology that is so far only known to insiders. We will see the dawn of a fascinating new era. The consequences of the changes ahead of us will change our world much more than any event before. Whoever invests in at an early stage could make a lot of money. This book could become an investing guide for stock investments

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3D Printing. The next Goldrush is on it´s way. Inside information on how to start printing in 3D, where to buy Printers, how to use them, and the newest Pictures and reviews of available 3D Printers.

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