Kinect for Windows

Microsoft Kinect for Windows includes Kinect for Windows sensor, USB/Power supply cable, Manual. NOTE: The sensor unit does not ship with any software and will only operate with an application developed for Kinect for Windows. Not for Gaming Use. Use the Kinect for Windows SDK to build applications with C++, C# or Visual Studio Basic by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. What availability of this product will do is facilitate the ability of developers and commercial customers to explore the limitless opportunities to transform products, processes, and businesses. Three important points regarding Kinect for Windows: This product is not the same product as Kinect for Xbox 360 product, and is not intended for use with Xbox 360s. This is not a consumer product. This is a Kinect development product for Windows, intended for commercial clients and developers. This product requires an application developed for Kinect for Windows in order to operate.

Product Features

  • Utilize Kinect skeletal-tracking, sophisticated microphone array, and other sensor technologies
  • Link computers to Kinect devices running Windows 7 and Windows 8 Developer Preview
  • Run applications built with the Kinect for Windows Commercial Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Use the Kinect for Windows SDK to build applications with C++, C#, or Visual Studio Basic by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

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  1. Welcome to the Future First off, I just spent several months writing a book about programming the SDK for the Kinect Sensor for Windows — so I’m invested rather deeply in the technology. In that regard, please take what I say with a grain of salt.My regrets to those who purchased the sensor without knowing what they were getting into. The upside is that since these sensors keep selling out, you can very quickly recoup your money by selling it on ebay. There is no shortage of people who want it…

  2. Great product – for software developers only Folks,Read the Amazon description! I’m not a big Microsoft fan, but they have really done it right with this product. Kinect, and spin off technologies like this, will completely change the way people interact with their computers, and eventually with their cell phones (give it some time).But, this is not a consumer device at this point. It is being distributed to enable developers like me to innovate.From the Amazon Product Description:”… NOTE: The…

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