Makeblock XY-Plotter Drawing Robot Kit DIY Version 2.0 (With electronic) for Ardunio Fan easy-controlled by mDraw software

Makeblock is an open source construction platform to turn ideas into success

Makeblock XY Plotter Kit can be assembled as a drawing robot,it moves a pen or other instruments to draw digital artwork on flat surface. On the basis of Makeblock platform, XY Plotter can be developed to a laser engraver or others.


Frame: Anodized aluminum

Physical Dimensions (L×W×H): 620mm × 620mm×140mm

Working area (X×Y): 310mm×390mm

XY Accuracy: 0.1mm

Max Working Speed: 50mm/s

Power: 100-240 V~50/60Hz AC/DC Power adapter, 12V/3.0A

Main Controller: Makeblock Orion (Arduino UNO compatible)

Software: mDraw

Supported file types: .SVG, .BMP etc.

G.W.: 4.3kg

MEAS: 566×333×70mm

Product Features

  • Stronger aluminum extrusion parts than XY-Plotter 1.0, anodizing surface
  • Dual-way transmission mechanism
  • Improved pen rising mechanism .Super easy-use stepper motor driver, A4988
  • Updated main board — Me Orion(Base on Arduino UNO)
  • Easy-Controlled by mDraw

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3 thoughts on “Makeblock XY-Plotter Drawing Robot Kit DIY Version 2.0 (With electronic) for Ardunio Fan easy-controlled by mDraw software”

  1. A good way to start playing with CNC. Great kit to start working with CNC. Easy to build and with the laser kit its a great combo. I have had a bit of trouble keeping the machine consistently faithful to the “XY Accuracy: 0.1mm” claim.I will say that the software leaves much to be desired. mDraw insists on drawing things off scale, by about 5 to 10 mm, a problem i have been told is a software glitch they are trying to resolve. The good thing is you don’t have to mess around with G code or anything, and with a little…

  2. Good quality, useful mechanical kits. Great source for parts, and kits themselves are interesting I like Makeblock kits – have purchased quite a few of them over the past couple years for both myself and my EE school son. I usually build the kit just to see it working as intended. Then, it gets torn down and the parts kept for general tinkering, prototyping work. The anodized look of the aluminum parts is appealing, and generally speaking the parts quality is quite good. I’ve never been shorted a part with Makeblock either – their Q/A process must be working pretty well. I generally…

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