Panasonic TY-EW3D2MMK2 Ultimate 3D Starter Kit (Avatar 3D + 2 Rechargeable Glasses)

Includes 2 pair of rechargeable 3D glasses and 1 Blu-ray 3D movie: Avatar 3D

Product Features

  • Get started watching 3D Blu-ray movies with this starter package
  • Includes exclusive Avatar Blu-ray 3D disc
  • Two rechargeable 3D active shutter glasses (each with cases)
  • Glasses are sized for adults and can be worn comfortably over prescription glasses
  • Includes USB charger

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2 thoughts on “Panasonic TY-EW3D2MMK2 Ultimate 3D Starter Kit (Avatar 3D + 2 Rechargeable Glasses)”

  1. 2nd generation 3d glasses work well If you bought a Panasonic 3d TV, then you are going to have to invest in a pair of their glasses (1st or 2nd generation, these are 2nd) to view 3d material. The glasses themselves are not that bad. I wouldn’t be wearing them for longer than a standard movie viewing, only because I personally feel that I don’t want to stress my eyes any longer than that. The 3d effect was great, I had a bit of flickering in the glasses because I had a florescent light on during the evening, but it went away…

  2. WORTH EVERY PENNY (make sure dealer checks for 3D disc) This is a great 3D movie, and a must have as some of the other folks have said. This is by far the best 3D movie I have in my collection. If you are reading this review, then you are probably considering buying the 3D version. This is only my opinion, but if you are like myself and as you were sitting in the theater watching this and you thought to yourself “I would love to watch this in 3D at home!” then this is worth every bit of $200 and up. You won’t regret it, but you have to be careful…

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