POWGE GT2 Open Timing Belt Rubber With Fiberglass Core For 3D Printer Makerbot Parts Color Black Pack of 5Meters

GT2-9mm Open ended Timing Belt Features:
Belt is rubber, fiberglass reinforced, 6mm wide, 2mm pitch. For 3D Printing applications, GT2 2mm belt system works better than T5,T2.5.it gives better smoothness and accuracy of positioning, resulting in better printing quality. GT2 timing belt system especially suited for linear movement and positioning applications.
GT2-9mm Open ended timing belt Specs:
Type: 2GT-9mm
GT2 Pitch :2mm
Belt Height:1.52mm
Tooth Height:0.75mm
Material: Neoprenen Rubber With Fiberglass Core
Shape:Open Timing belt
Quantity : 5 meters/pack

Product Features

  • GT2 Timing Belt System Works Better Than T5,T2.5
  • GT2 System is an Extension of The HTD System With Greater Load Carrying Capacity.
  • Circular arc Tooth Profile Tooth Space is Small, Suitable for Straight Line Driving
  • It Gives Better Smoothness and Cccuracy of Positioning
  • Temperature Range: -34¡ãC to +85¡ãC (-30¡ãF to +185¡ãF)

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