Pyle Sports PHRM84 Speed and Distance Watch

The phrm84 is a heart rate monitor watch with a 3d sensor that intelligently counts your steps, ignoring unwanted input. using the included belt, this watch will display your current heart rate while running. it’s also equipped with a wealth of training functions, including target time, speed, and heart rate modes. you can view your current and average speed, as well as calculate the amount of calories and fat you’ve burned during your workout. a stopwatch/chronograph, daily alarm, and time/date function are also built-in and running at night is no problem, thanks to the built in el backlight.

The PHRM84.

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Stay Fit, Stay Strong, and Keep Moving With Pyle Sports

This speed & distance pedometer watch is the perfect addition to your training program. This watch is equipped with an intelligent step counting function that can calculate your speed and distance. It also includes a chronograph and daily alarms. The PHRM84 also has a target training setting to help you stay fit and strong. Don’t exercise without Pyle Sports!

Intelligent Step Counting

The PHRM84 was designed with an intelligent step counter function. Traditional pedometers can suffer from inaccuracy, as they use all movement to determine the number of steps you’ve taken. But that means simply moving your arms around can register as steps, ruining your workout data. The PHRM84’s intelligent step counter ignores unwanted input and only counts your true steps. Plus, it can differentiate between your walking and running paces.

Built-in Functions To Help You Train

The PHRM84 is equipped with functions to help you train. You can set target goals before you work out, and the watch will notify you with an alarm when you’ve met your goal. It’s a great way to make sure you’re completing your workouts. This watch has target alarms for elapsed time, speed, and distance.

By The Numbers

Your watch generates a wealth of data from your workouts. Get your current & average speed during a workout. Plus, you can view your total calories, total distance, fat burned, and recall old data entries, all at the touch of a button.

Great Sports Watch Features

Of course, the PHRM84 is equipped with all the features you’ve come to expect from great sports watches, including time & date functions and a daily alarm. There’s also a chronograph with a 15 memory record, and an interval timer. The LED backlight allows you to use the PHRM84 in low-light conditions or at night. The PHRM84 is also water resistant to 33 feet / 10 meters / 1 ATM.


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Step Counter
Target Training Zones
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Current Speed  
Water Resistance   Up to 33 Ft Splashes Up to 33 Ft Up to 33 Ft Up to 33 Ft
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Product Features

  • Speed and distance watch for running, jogging and walking
  • Daily alarm target speed alert alarm total calorie chime
  • Dual purpose 3d sensor walking or runing target distance fat burnt key tone
  • Intelligent step filter function interval timer calibration function use setting
  • Energy saving function
  • Time & Date
  • Daily Alarm
  • Dual Purpose 3D Sensor (Walking or Runing)
  • Intelligent Step Filter Function
  • Chronograph w/ 15 Memory record
  • Target Time Alert Alarm
  • Target Speed Alert Alarm
  • Target Distance
  • Interval Timer
  • Current/ Average Speed
  • Total Distance
  • Total Calorie
  • Fat Burnt
  • Calibration Function
  • Memory Data Recall
  • EL Backlight
  • Chime
  • Key Tone
  • Use Setting
  • Energy Saving Function
  • Water Resistance: 33 Feet / 10 Meters / 1 ATM
  • Sold as : Unit

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