Qauick 2 Pack Feedstock Wheel Extruder Hobbed Drive Gear for 1.75mm Mendel 3D Printer

Feedstock Wheel Extruder Gear Hobbed Gear Drive Gear for Reprap 3D printer
Inside diameter: 5 mm
The base diameter: 12 mm
The base height: 5 mm
The overall height: 13 mm
Knurling bottom diameter: 6 mm
The milled groove depth: 1 mm
Roll rachis long: 8 mm
long knurled surface: 6 mm

Product Features

  • Inner diameter: 5mm ;Base outer diameter: 12mm
  • Base height: 5mm ;Overall height: 13mm
  • Knurled bottom diameter: 6mm;Knurled groove depth: 1mm
  • Knurled shaft length: 8mm ;Knurled surface length: 6mm ;Material: Metal

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