Samsung S-View Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S5 – Retail Packaging – Pink

The unique S View Cover has been designed to complement the Samsung Galaxy S5 providing an enhanced user experience. The stylish design means the case can be closed by folding the front cover over the screen, preventing damage to the handset and screen.

Product Features

  • Genuine Samsung product
  • Automatically wake up your phone when the cover is opened
  • Set your own images as backgrounds when the cover is closed
  • Available in five new metallic-look colours
  • IP67 support

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2 thoughts on “Samsung S-View Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S5 – Retail Packaging – Pink”

  1. Nice looking cover. a couple of oops The first week I had the cover was awesome. Worked well (turning on / off the phone’s screen). I dropped it once and the back came off – a little too easily I thought. After a couple of weeks, the phone didn’t respond consistently to the cover opening or closing. (yah, yah, I dropped it, but who doesn’t drop their phone??) I’m still trying to figure if it doesn’t behave consistently because of a setting on my phone, a conflict of some sort, or something being ‘broken’. So I’m not quite as…

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