Shanghai funeral home offers 3D printing repair service for damaged corpses

China’s state-owned broadcaster China Radio International has revealed in a Thursday report that the Longhua Funeral Parlor funeral home in Shanghai is repairing disfigured or damaged corpses by 3D printing body parts.

The 3D printing technology is being used by Longhua Funeral Parlor for restoration of corpses’ body parts which have been damaged or spoiled in accidents, natural calamities, industrial accidents or fires. The 3D printing repairs are making some dead people look younger and more attractive than when they were alive.

About the 3D printing repair service in Longhua Funeral Parlor, Chinese state-funded news site The Paper has noted that the 3D printing repairs involve the creation of a three-dimensional product by building multiple layers of material on top of one another.

According to The Paper, the 3D printing of body parts of damaged corpses — along with makeup and hair implants — results in the reconstruction of faces with a similarity of at least 95 percent.

The 3D printing repair service in Longhua Funeral Parlor comes at a price; with the cost of facial reconstruction for damaged corpses ranging between 4000 yuan and 5000 yuan (approximately $620 and $776).

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