soled Aquarium Tank LCD Auto Fish Feeder (2005D)

soled Aquarium Tank LCD Auto Fish Feeder

Product Features

  • ★ Feedings: Up to 8 per day
  • ★ Giant hopper – Measures 3″ in diameter and 2″ deep – large enough to hold food for even the big fish.
  • ★ Large menu – Handles almost any kind of fish food. Flake, pellets, even crumble for the baby fish.
  • ★ Patended design – Prevents moisture from spoiling the fish food while also mixing and crumbling the food at each feeding.
  • ★ The item is shipped form US.The shipping time may take 3-5 working days.It’s very fast ship

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3 thoughts on “soled Aquarium Tank LCD Auto Fish Feeder (2005D)”

  1. Originally bought it to continue to feed a medicated food to a sick fish while I was away (he did fine during that time) This has been working well for me. Originally bought it to continue to feed a medicated food to a sick fish while I was away (he did fine during that time). Now I am using it to feed juveniles routinely 4x a day. They have really grown and I know I would have never been able to keep up with that feeding schedule otherwise.Every time I refill I make sure to clean off the latch and the outside of the plastic cover. I have not had an issue with it collecting moisture, but I also…

  2. Decent, very quiet auto feeder Make sure you read the instructions VERY carefully. I thought I had this thing set up, however, it wasn’t feeding the fish. I went through to reprogram the feedings and realized I missed one very crucial part of the programming. You’ll know it’s set up when the feedings on the screen have either 1 or 2 arrows, indicating the number of times rotate/feeding. Now this feeder works very well, but sometimes the flap gets stuck and food doesn’t get distributed. Most of the time it’s working just…

  3. Easy to Use Automatic Fish Feeder With Large Capacity Works as described. Easy to setup. Some effort was needed to get it to sit on my tank and I needed to slide my glass cover/lid to the side to allow for the food to fall into the tank – a possible fish escape point for some.It’s fairly large, and you could likely get a month’s worth of food to fit inside with little trouble – of course YMMV depending on the number and size of your fish. But for my 29 Gallon planted tank, this worked so darn well while I was gone that I lots no…

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