Witbot Double V Slot stainless steel Passive Round wheel with Bearings Idler Pulley Gear Perlin Wheel 3D Printer parts ( Pack of 5pcs)

Inner Diameter: 5mm
Outer Diameter: 24.39mm
Height: 10.23mm
Net Weight: 25g/pcs
Color: Silver

Package content:
5*Wheels with Bearing

Product Features

  • Test one by one, high quality
  • Inner Diameter: 5mm
  • Outer Diameter: 24.39mm
  • Height: 10.23mm
  • Durable and flexible

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“TWP 3D Printer accessories Motor Parallel Module for Double Z Axis Dual Z Motors for 3D Printers

This module is only used for motor-side parallel, a driver drives two motors. And only for mini printers or small current motors in parallel (with the same motor in parallel, the current are divided evenly). Shipping list(Per unit): Motor parallel module * 1pc 10cm motor cable * 1pc

Product Features

  • Suitable for motor-side parallel, a driver drives two motors
  • Only for mini printers or small current motors in parallel
  • Easy to connect

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OTRMAX 4-Piece 8mm Longer Linear Motion Ball Bearing Double Side Rubber Seal Linear Bushing CNC Part LM8LUU

Model: LM8LUU

Main Color : Silver Tone

Inside Diameter: 0.3inch / 8mm

Outside Diameter: 0.59inch / 15mm

Shaft Lenght:1.77inch / 45mm

Material: F1 carbon steel

Housing: Gcr15 steel, harden

Ball: chromium steel Gcr15, heat treatment, hard chrome plated

Cage: engineering plastic

Product Features

  • Great for linear motion on 3D Printer, CNC, and other applications
  • Main Material : Carbon Steel, Plastic
  • Size: 8 x 15 x 45mm
  • Quantity: 4pcs LM8LUU Linear Ball Bearing
  • Each product surfaces are coated with a rust preventive oil before shipping

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Worldwide shipments of 3D printers to double by end of 2016: Gartner

Nearly 456,000 3D printers will be shipped globally by the end of the year, doubling the 219,000 units that were shipped last year, according to IT analyst firm Gartner, with 44 percent of this growth within the enterprise sector alone.

The global 3D printer market is booming, with the number of units shipped in 2020 estimated to reach more than 6.7 million, according to Gartner’s forecast.

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3D printing was once a niche market, with the technology primarily being used for prototyping.

But over the last decade, more and more uses have come to market, especially in the healthcare and manufacturing industries. For example, last month researchers at Northwestern University developed a new 3D-printable synthetic bone that could help transform major surgery.

“3D-printed personalized medical devices — hearing aids, dental implants and braces, and prosthetic limbs — are more common than many people know. So, too, are the uses of 3D printing to produce not only prototypes and finished goods, but also the tools, jigs and fixtures that are then used to make something else,” the Gartner report states.

The analyst firm said the growth of 3D printing is driven by private and public sector organisations becoming aware of the threat that 3D printing poses to industries that rely on conventional manufacturing technologies for sales. These organisations also recognise the potential to lose orders for high-value, short-run, and customised products.

The 3D printer market currently constitutes seven technologies, with material extrusion forecast to lead the market due to the low cost of entry-level material extrusion printers.

Stereolithography printer shipments is also expected to grow rapidly as new providers enter the market and the range of printable materials expands. At the moment, materials used in 3D printing include glass, plastics, ceramics, resins, metals, sand, textiles, biomaterials, and food.

“The primary market driver for consumer 3D printers costing under $2,500 is the acquisition of low-cost devices by educational institutions and enterprise engineering, marketing, and creative departments,” said Pete Basiliere, research vice president at Gartner.

“3D printers are being utilised for several applications and subjects by students in secondary and postsecondary schools where the use of 3D printers can prepare students for many career paths, such as engineering, manufacturing, aerospace and robotics.”

The primary enterprise 3D printer market drivers are the part quality, material advances, and the devices’ ability to make prototypes, tools, fixtures, and finished goods.

Prototyping will remain the primary enterprise use for 3D printers throughout the four-year forecast period. The use of 3D printing to improve manufacturing will grow to 75 percent of enterprises by 2020, according to Gartner.

Nearly 65 percent of manufacturers that expect to use 3D printers will be using them to produce components of the products they sell or service by 2020.

“Aircraft and aerospace manufacturers have been taking this approach for years, using 3D printers to produce low-volume parts and small lots of parts with complex designs,” said Basiliere.

“Military organisations, whose equipment often has very long lives, are working with defense contractors to evaluate 3D printing of replacement and modified components on shore and at sea.”

3D Printhuset (Denmark) in double expansion

Mr. Nicolai Wammen 

3D Printhuset (Denmark) in double expansion 

- Opens second 3D print store; this time in Aarhus

- Takes over existing 3D Systems distributor and launches a PRO company to service 

Almost precisely a year ago, 3D Printhuset A/S (Danish for “The house of 3D printing”) opened the largest 3D print store in the world, in downtown Copenhagen, with the help of a Danish Minister.  Now 3D Printhuset is opening a second large store, in down town Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. Mr. Nicolai Wammen, former Danish Minister for EU relations and Mayor of Aarhus City will cut the ribbon on the grand opening Monday September 28.  

3D Printhuset A/S is at the same time announcing that it has taken over the activities of 3D Systems distributor 3D Scandinavia, and has launched the company 3D Printhuset PRO A/S to service the professional market.3D Printhuset is pleased to announce the grand opening of the second 3D Printhuset 3D printing store in Denmark. 

“Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark and therefore a logical choice for our second store”, said Jim Larsen, director of 3D Printhuset A/S.  With a floor area of more than 2,200 square feet, the store is almost as big as the original store in Copenhagen opened a year ago. This store was not only the first in Denmark, but also the largest in the world.  The new 3D Printhuset store located in downtown Aarhus will showcase the latest in 3D print technology, 3D scanners, 3D printed products, supplies and accessories. Suppliers include XYZ Printing, 3D Systems , Artec and Ultimaker. At the same time 3D Printhuset A/S is announcing that it has started up the company 3D Printhuset PRO A/S to service the professional market. 3D Printhuset has taken over the activities and personnel of 3D Scandinavia ApS and is an authorized distributor of 3D Systems, Artec and Roland. The company will start operations this week.

Jim Larsen, the manager of 3D Printhuset, said: “With the opening of the large store in downtown Copenhagen where we made the 3D printing technology much more accessible, we unleashed the demand for 3d printing in Denmark and since then demand has not stopped growing. Part of the new demand originated outside the capital and part of the demand was for professional grade printers and equipment. It has therefore been obvious for some time, that we needed both a presence outside the capital and that we needed to move into servicing the professional market. With this double expansion, opening in Aarhus and the establishment of 3D Printhuset PRO A/S, we will cater for this demand and really cement our position as the “hub” for 3D printing in Denmark”.

Press Contact:
Jim Larsen, Manager, 3D PrintHuset A/S, phone: +45 28 51 80 70 or e-mail: jl@3dprinthuset.dk 

3D Printhuset A/S, Sølvgade 85A, 1307 København K and Banegårdspladsen 4, 8000 Aarhus C, DENMARK

3D Printhuset PRO A/S, Sølvgade 85A, 1307 København K, DENMARK

About 3D Printhuset A/S: 3D Printhuset A/S is as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Danish holding company The 3D Group A/S, established by a group of Danish senior serial entrepreneurs, investors and executives. The 3D Group A/S, besides from 3D Printhuset A/S and 3D Printhuset PRO A/S, also includes the Nordic distribution company 3D Print Scandinavia A/S and a venture company called 3D Print Ventures A/S. The Group intends to make further investments into the 3D printing area in the future. 

2 Pcs Double Wire 8mmx100mm 220V 400W Cartridge Heater Heating Element

  • Specially designed for heating applications, such as moulds, dies, hot plates, platens, plastic injection molds, etc.
  • Stainless steel heater end is corrosion resistant, provide high heat transfer.
  • Note: as the voltage is AC 220V, please make sure it can work in your area well before ordering.

Product Features

  • Product Name : Cartridge Heater;Material : Stainless Steel, PVC, Nylon
  • Rated Voltage : AC 220V;Power : 400W
  • Heater Size (Approx.) : 8 x 100mm/ 0.31″ x 3.9″ (D * L);Wire Length (Approx.) : 20.5cm/8.1″
  • Color : Red, Silver Tone;Net Weight : 45g
  • Package Content : 2 x Cartridge Heater

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