3D printing changing key questions around weapon systems acquisitions

The Marine Corps’ use of additive manufacturing will change questions surrounding acquisitions to reflect the technology’s ability to sustain weapon systems, according to a service official. Additive manufacturing will “aid in that sustainment, particularly as weapon systems get older and . . . there’s less incentive for industry to even make the parts anymore,” Col. Howard Marotto, additive manufacturing lead for the Next Generation Logistics cell, told Inside the Navy in an Oct. 4 interview at the Pentagon. “If we…

Someone has 3D-printed the best weapon in 'Destiny' and it is badass

SleeperThe “Sleeper Stimulant,” brought to you by 3D printing.

One of the biggest video games of recent times, Destiny, was given an update a few weeks ago, and with that update came a gun. A very big, very cool-looking gun.

Fans of the game have gone mad for “Sleeper Stimulant,” but someone on Reddit has gone a step further and brought a model of the massive weapon to life using a 3D printer.

Reddit user D3DP shared photos of his newest creation via Imgur on Wednesday on a subreddit dedicated to the game. “This is probably one of the hardest model [sic] i have created. I’ve been working on it for a while and was hoping to finish it before it was available in game but here it is nonetheless,” he said.

Commenters went wild with adoration. “Wow. Seriously. Wow. Stuff like this makes me want to go out and get a 3D Printer,” _MrBubbles wrote.


This is no miniature model, if you were wondering.

Sorry, “Sleeper” what?

The “Sleeper Stimulant” is a highly coveted gun within Destiny — half of its hype arising from the impossibility of finding it within the game. Destiny developer Bungie remained tightlipped for weeks following the release of the latest expansion, The Taken King, on Sept. 15, teasing images but leaving players to wander aimlessly in the game world with no clues as to how to nab the weapon.

The lack of information made players go crazy with conspiracy theories, and they spent hours combing through the game environment to decipher codes that ended up just being gibberish.

But it’s out now, and it’s dangerous. “Sleeper Stimulant” is a completely unique weapon type within the game, and one that even shoots lasers that bounce off the wall. It pretty much sells itself.

Just a man and his 3D printer

D3DP, who goes by KirbyDowner on Imgur, is an old hand at 3D printing and has made models of a number of Destiny weapons that all look just as cool. He’s even put the code up on MyMiniFactory, so you can make your very own “Sleeper Stimulant” to hang on the wall at home.

It’s also worth checking out his Youtube channel, which documents his process making these masterpieces. Even if you’re not into Destiny, watching the models come together is pretty impressive.

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