TriGorilla MKS BASE V1.0 3D Printer Control Motherboard Compatible RepRap Ramps1.4 With USB Cable

Can accept 24 v input, under the same system power can reduce the current hot bed to 1/4, effectively solve the problem of hot bed MOS tube heating
The firmware can use open source firmware Marlin, configuration are exactly the same with ramps1.4 , can be directly replace ramps1.4 also
Can be connected directly to Ramps1.4, 2004 LCD control board and the LCD board (12864)
Package Contents:
1 x MKS-BASE V1.0
1 x USB cable

Product Features

  • It gather all function on one board, which solved the Ramps1.4 combination interface problem, which easily out of order
  • Using 4982 as a motor drive, the SOP package, the effect of heat dispelling is better
  • Circuit board uses the high quality of 4 layer board,optimize heat dissipation;Ramp Is 2 layer board
  • Using special power supply chip, support the 12v-24v power input, solve the problem of Ramps voltage conversion of chip fever

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