Wiiboox ONE MINI 3D Printer, Metal Frame Structure, Acrylic Cover, Particle Filtration Module, High Quality Print

Machine Specification:
Model Name: Wiiboox One Mini
Machine Size: 405*340*450mm
Machine Weight: 10kg
Printer Head: Single Head
Voltage Input: 110V
Maximum Power: 350W

Print Specification:
Maximum Build Dimensions: 7.8″ x 5.9″ x 5.9″ (20*15*15cm)
Layer Thickness: 0.1~0.5mm (100-500 microns)
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm
Print Resolution: 0.1mm (100microns)
Print Speed: 20~180mm/s
Accuracy of Positioning: 0.0025mm(X); 0.011mm(Y and Z)

Filament Specification:
Filament Size: 1.75 mm diameter
Compatible Filament: Wiiboox PLA.Nor/PLA.Pro/ABS.Nor

Software Specification:
Software: ReplicatorG/Cura
Input format: STL/G-CODE/OBJ
Supported operating system(s): Windows, Mac, Linux
Connection: Micro-USB, SD card

What’s in the Box?
-Wiiboox One Mini
-1x filament spool(PLA Pro, White) and 1x support rack
-3x crepe paper
-1x power Supply and 1x Power cord
-1x X moto cable
-1x X power switch cable
-1x SD stick, 1x card reader
-1x Plastic scraper
-Metal tool kit
-Installation disc, User Manual, Warranty

Product Features

  • Build dimension is 7.8″ x 5.9″ x 5.9″ (20*15*15cm). And you can make even bigger projects by assembling parts printed separately
  • Print layers up to a maximum resolution of 0.1mm (100 microns)
  • World first desktop 3D printer equipped with particle filtration module, filtration fineness up to 0.08um
  • Safety is the pursuit of Wiiboox. Wiiboox 3D printer has passed CE EMC, PAHs, REACH, LVD, ERP and ROHS tests
  • Enclosed chamber to protect the print from breeze; 4 access doors for easy adjustment and maintenance

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  1. The Wilboox One mini #D printer is very compact and easy to use, no hard set up is needed. It has a nice metal frame that feels like it is made well.Even though this product ships from china, it is really very quick;The packaging was good and protected like it should be;The machine is a very nice product. I printed a cube from the file in the SD card and its was great.The engineers and their after sales team were very responsive and patient, they answer mails very…

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