XYZprinting RFPLCXUS05C da Vinci Jr. & mini Series PLA Spool, Clear Blue

XYZprinting presents the non-toxic PLA filament for the da Vinci Jr. & mini Series. This PLA filament is compatible with our da Vinci Jr. & mini series printers which use 1.75mm diameter filament. Each filament has been tested for quality and proven for performance and comes in a 600g spool.

Product Features

  • For da Vinci Jr. & mini Series models ONLY
  • Non-toxic plastic extracted from natural materials
  • 600g spool (approx. 1.33 lbs.)
  • 1.75mm filament diameter
  • Filament usage calculation system

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2 thoughts on “XYZprinting RFPLCXUS05C da Vinci Jr. & mini Series PLA Spool, Clear Blue”

  1. Works with my Da Vinci Junior So far this is my favorite filament for my Da Vinci Junior. There’s only a limited number of colors available for the Jr right now (black, natural, yellow and green), and I’m liking the results I get with the green the best so far. My spool loaded just fine and prints well. Note that each of these spools of filament also come with a sensor chip that works with the printer. So be sure you change out that chip as well, when you load your new spool of filament.The photo I added to my…

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